Whatsapp launched a Status feature some time ago. Many users were complaining about this new Status feature. That’s why Whatsapp is back with its old text status. This feature was previously seen on the beta version of Whatsapp, but now this feature is available in all Android phones. This text status feature has been named about. Updating Whatsapp now shows a text message on the profile page, as well as text messages, photos, video and gif in the new Status tab will not disappear after 24 hours. Along with this, Whatsapp brings many more new features.

WhatsApp PIN Chat Feature

One of the new features is also sending GIF through Google Gobb. This feature will take some time to roll out in Android, ios and Windows Phone. At the same time, Whatsapp on the other hand can rollout pin chat facility soon. With pin chat, you can prioritize any chat. Pinning is common in social media and email.

Pin chat will soon rollout for Android, ios and Windows Phone. This new feature has now been rollout on Whatsapp’s latest beta version. You will see this on the 2.17.105 Beta version. According to the report, you can pin three chats simultaneously. To do this, users need to press long over a chat and select the pin icon in the bar at the top. Pinned chat will appear on the Chat tab at the top.

After successful testing on the beta version, the PIN chat feature will soon be rollout for the Android app. Also, this feature will made available to IOS users soon.

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