Transfer your freecharge/credits direct to your bank account with 0% charge,It is simple and easy to transfer your freecharge balance. Before using this trick you will need the following three things.

Requirement :

  • FreeCharge “Go Mastercard”,
  • Slonkit Wallet, (Must have Slonkit Virtual Card)
  • Udio Wallet.

Transfer Freecharge Balance

Step To Follow To Transfer Freecharge Balance To Bank :

  1. First of all Download Slonkit App
  2. Open App and Login to Slonkit account.
  3. Add Money in Slonkit wallet using ” FreeCharge Go MasterCard “.
  4. After Successfully Addition of money in slonkit wallet, Note Slonkit card details.
  5. Now Download Udio  App.
  6. Add money in Udio wallet using Slonkit Virtual Card.
  7. So, now you can transfer your money from udio to bank at 0% Charge.
  8. Done….!!!

This trick can stop working any time,so hurry up.

NOTE : Try this trick at your own risk, will not responsible if any damage caused.


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