Hello guys Today we will tell you about trick how mobile data can be saved, Method to save 4G data from exhaust quickly. Even if your mobile data is ending up even after ordinary use, then you can save your mobile data through a few easy ways. If the data of your mobile is running out of time even after less use, then you can save a lot of Internet data by adopting some smart methods. So let us now explain some tips to save you mobile internet data.

Methods To Save 4G Data from Exhaust Quickly

1. Restrick App Background Data On

There are many apps in the Android smartphone that also run in the background. This application uses large amounts of data. In this case, you first need to restart these background data. After that, when you open the app, then the data will used and the app will be closed. To do this, go to the phone’s settings where you have to click on the three points mentioned above. Where you will get the option of background background data option. Go to it and click OK button.

2. Watch Offline Video Instead of Online

Mobile data is very costly in online streaming, so if you are watching a video in Youtube you will also get the option of offline.

3. Compress Page in Browser

When you use Google Chrome Browser in the smartphone, go to Settings and turn on data saver. This will save you a lot of data, though Video, photo will appear late in your mobile.

4. Don’t Keep Mobile Data Always ON

Many times we forget to turn off the data but doing so, there is a lot of data used in the background and you do not even know. Soon your mobile data is lost.

5. Auto Update OFF

Go to Settings in your smartphone’s Play store and click auto-update apps and select ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’ from here. This will save your mobile data.

6. Keep Wi-Fi ON in Smartphone

It will benefit you that the public place will get Wi-Fi free and your phone will also updated. This will save your mobile data.


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