Hello friends, Today many such apps are available on the Google play store for Self Defense and Protection of women, with the help of which their family and friends will be able to get this information at the time of any problem. Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we have given you information about such applications that women can use to be safe. Read the full article to know more.

Android Apps for Protection of Women | Self Defense

1. My Safetipin: Personal Safety

The safety pins made for the protection of women are all essential features like GPS tracking, emergency contact number and safe location. In this, safe and unsafe places are pins. You can also pin them to safe places where you can go to any problem. You can also pin the unsafe places in it so that more people can get help from it. This app is available in Hindi and Spanish languages ​​other than English. This app is available for free download at Google Play Store.

2. Defense – Women Safety Alert

Designed by keeping women’s safety in mind, this app is able to reach your location and problem easily to your friends and family. That too only through a button. It is also very easy to use. After downloading it in Android phone, you have to select the contact of those people who can see your location. Its specialty is that without opening this app you can press the volume button for up to three seconds and send this alert message. The SOS function has also been provided in the Defense App, so that you can send SMS when you are trapped in an Internet area.

3. Himmat App

Launched for the protection of women by Delhi Police, this app is absolutely free at the Google Play Store. For this, the user must first register on Delhi Police’s website. After this you will get an OTP that needs to be inserted while configuring it. SOS alert has been given in the Himmat App. Which transmits information about your location and audio-video in the police control room. After which the police can easily reach the spot at the time of problem.

4. Women Safety

Women Safety application is easily capable of providing information of unsafe places. You can send information about your location by clicking only one button in it. In the same way, like the other security app, you have to save some number in the first place on which it sends a link to your location and Google Maps via SMS. The specialty of Women Safety is that it gives you information about the severity of location conditions through three different colors. You can click and select the button according to your position.

5. Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App

Smart24x7 app is designed for the protection of bourgeois women who sends GPS location to your contact number at the time of Emergency. It also records your voice and photo. This application, which supports the state police, gives all information to the police. This app is currently capable of supporting the Gurgaon Police, Jalandhar Police, Chandigarh Police, Jammu Police, Mohali Police, UP Fire Service. Apart from this, it is available in all Smart City. The Smart 24 × 7 App is also the Call Center touch, which tracks the user’s primary movements.

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