Top 10 Gadgets Who Changed The World : If we talk about 50 years ago then you did not get to see a computer in every house. The computer in Shehero did not have a telephone service properly. If you were to send a message to someone, then the month used to get the postage was used.

Top 10 Gadgets Who Changed The World

All time has changed today. You have a TV You can see the news of the whole world at home. Today you have a phone you can talk directly to each other with a video chat face to face. In today’s article we will tell you about some of the 10 gadgets that changed the thinking and life of man. So let’s start!

# 1 Sony Portable TVs :

Firstly 50 years ago TV used to come with big designs, but Sony made the design of TV something small at that time. In the year 1960, Sony launched its first portable “TV 8-301”. IS TV changed the TV industry at that time.


#2 Motorola Datacenter Phone :

About 35 years ago, mobile was not born, everyone used to use the telephone till then. All the phones were limited due to the use of the wires. But in the year 1973, Motorola launched its first wireless phone. This phone’s name was DyanTAC. On April 3, 1973, the world’s first mobile call was also from this phone. This phone changed the view of the people to see this thing.

#3 Toshiba T1100:

 Toshiba T1100 was the world’s first laptop. There was no ram in this hard disk. It worked perfectly on floppy disks. The computers were big and heavy at that time. This laptop forced the bakio to think on a different design. It was a charisma in this design.

#4 Kindle:


You probably do not know everyone, but it was from selling Amazon’s early book. Amazon launched its Kindle 10 years ago in 2017. This tool changed the habit of reading completely. When it was launched then it was sold in a few hours and it was out of stock for the next five months. Many people are not fond of reading ebooks, but you will understand in its coming years!

#5 Mouse :


G Ha Read Right Mouse | The device that you use on a daily computer was created in 1964 by Douglas for Xerox and Printing Factory. But he was Steve Jobs who started using this device in computer and since then we use this device to date. A laptop is important for both computers.

#6 VR:


VR, which is called Virtual Reality. It started in 1983 but it used to be used properly. Google launches card board Since then, some have become special companies for those who work on this technology. Google is working hard on Facebook technology. This technology is used not only for entertainment but also for medical therapy.

#7 iPod:


There was a round when all people used to sing songs on their MP3 player and walkman. It had become like a fashion at that time. In the 90s it went quite a lot. But in the year 2001 Apple launched the iPod. A device that was the smallest compared to any music player. At that time you could listen and store thousands of songs in it. This device completely changed the music industry. It has also restricted music piracy to a great extent.

# 03 iPhone:


By 2007 all the people had Nokia’s heavy phones. He used to come up with a very different design. By that time the operating system of the phone was not so intimidable. But Apple changed its vision through its first iPhone in 2007.

This phone was quite slim compared to the other phones. The weight was also quite light. And the biggest thing was the phone screen. You had to use pen / stylus for all the phones till then, but you could easily touch this phone by touching your fingers. It changed the way to use the phone.

#9 Samsung Galaxy Note:


This phone came in 2011. This phone did not show even in a tablet and not even a mobile. But there was a big display in it, Samsung named it a phablet. Samsung’s Galaxy Note This was a phone that you have ever seen and will not have thought. In this phone you could write with your hand.

This phone is very popular due to the ability of S Pen and Notes. It had set a standard in itself. Even today there is a lot of passion for Samsung’s Note Series.

#10 Microsoft Holocaust:


Microsoft Holelance is the next version of VR Technology. Last year, Microsoft launched it as a preview. Its specialty is that by putting it you can go to the whole new world. This can be a great tool for designer and builder logo. This gadget can be used in many ways. This will change technology in the coming years.

At the moment, for friends today, that’s all, we hope you have liked this article. If you think that we have got a gadget, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this article, please do it and share it.

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