Social Trade News |Latest News Anubhav Mittal  2nd February 2017  | : Watch all latest Updates on Social Trade. Someone had given a complaint to the authorities and they have taken this opportunity to make some money.

Social Trade Latest News, Anubhav Mittal, Zee News :

The company is not in any kind of Financial mess as is being discussed in some groups.  It is election time in UP and time to make money.  And Anubhav Mittal has not arrested or any thing like that.  But they have asked him to come for a discussion. I am sure we all understand for what.

Social Trade as a business has already closed with a clear cut off and a commitment to all associates to pay their dues as per schedule. IntMaart & Frenzzup business are not into MLM. They are product sales social commerce company & Social networking sites.

This kind of disturbances have also happening with the company in the past but they always have come out clean due to the fact that all their accounts are in order and all their Taxes. Both Income Tax and Service tax have filed. Also they have taking all money in white, through NEFT through banks only and having been paying us through the same channels without fail for all these months… They have also been remitting the Income Tax being deducted as TDS to the government and the same can checked on the IT dept website too.
So please don’t panic or jump to any conclusions. The media is crazy & can report anything in anyway they want & get away. See the previous Telugu media reports….

So please keep faith and wait for a couple of days for this issue to get sorted out. Kindly hand hold your downlines during this crazy period of confusion..


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