Rumour & Confusion Rs 10 Fake Coin & Real Coin – From Past Few Days People have been confused between 2 Rs 10 coins whether Coin is Real or Fake. But Now RBI has dispels rumours of fake Rs 10 coins in circulation. So both coins are legal.

Rumour & Confusion Rs 10 Fake Coin & Real Coin :

The whole confusion about Rs 10 Fake or Real coin is because of a rumour circulated by some people on the social media. So Some shopkeepers are accepting the Rs 10 coin while others are rejecting considering as fake coin. People are lining outside the banks to exchange their coin with a note of Rs 10.

Rumour & Confusion Rs 10 Fake Coin & Real Coin

 Both Coin Are Valid, No Fake Coin, Both are Real :

The Rumour circulated was Wrong, RBI has not issue any notice regarding the banning of the Rs 10 coin. Reserve Bank of India declared that coins such as of Rs 10 denomination with rupee symbol and without rupee symbol are legal tender and equally good for transactions. ‘Rupee symbol’ in coins is introduce on July 2011. Coin without Rupee symbol is before July 2011 date. So Both coins are equally valid.

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