On February 21st, Reliance Jio was special for users. Company Chairman Mukesh Ambani ended all suspense related to Free Happy New Year offer That is, now users will have to buy a data tariff plan from April 1. However, the company has started the Jio Prime Enrollment Council for pre-paid users. By which, users will get the benefit of Happy New Year for 1 year. On the other hand, this is not a membership plan for jio postpaid users. In such case, from 12 o’clock on the night of March 31, their free offer will end, what will happen?

1. Do Bill Process Be Active?

The Jio Happy New Year offer will end on the night of March 31, 2017, at 11:59, because the Night will start on April 1 after 12 o’clock. In such cases, the billing process may become active on the postpaid users’ SIM. Actually, when the phone does not have data then the money starts to be deducted from the account. Everything is free here now. So, when the night starts at 12 in the morning of April 1, then nothing can happen.

2. How much money will Charge For Jio Postpaid 4G Data ?

This position is created for the second post for Jio Postpaid users, when the free offer will not work after 12 o’clock, will the money be started? Users do not know which postpaid plan is active on their SIM. So will it start generating a bill on its SIM from the beginning of April 1. If yes, then how much can he have to pay for it.

3. How much data will available if Plan is Active ?

Which plan is active on your Jio Postpaid SIM, perhaps you will not know the answer to this question? That is, when users do not know the plan, then the facilities given on that plan will not even be known. How much data will I get? How many SMSes will you get? Will Voice Calling Be Free? What will happen to a user in this situation if the data is used?

The Most Important Question? How much rupee plan is active on your postpaid SIM. It is therefore important that the more money the plan will have, the more the data will get. At present the company’s free offer is in progress. In such a situation, if a user consumes 8GB to 10GB data after 12 o’clock, then how many rupees will be made on his SIM in a few hours.

On 1st April 2017, a situation arises that postpaid users may have to select a plan for themselves at 12 o’clock. This can be because postpaid users have to give some plan. It may be that the company randomly activates the plan on the SIM of the users. Postpaid users may also be harmed if this happened.

Reliance Jio Announcement For Jio Postpaid Users :

Ambani announced the ‘Jio-Prime’ membership for prepaid users, but did not say anything about what will happen to postpaid users. However, Jio Customer Care has said this on questions related to postpaid users.

  • No plan has been announced for postpaid users yet.
  • The plans on the website for postpaid users are also just demo.
  • New plans are being designed for postpaid users.
  • The company will tell Postpaid Plan users before 31st March

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