Free Pedigree Dentastix Sample

DENTAstix® is daily oral care ensures not just healthy gums and healthy teeth but also guarantee a great cleaning, so you can get closer to your dog.Dental care in pets is often overlooked and can lead to serious health problems. The first step to good gum health is to remove plaque. Plaque is at first invisible but as bacteria stick to the surface , the teeth become off-white and if the plaque isn’t removed, it forms a brown residue called tartar within days. Pedigree is offering a Free Dentastix Sample for your pet, you just need to sign up.

Feed your pet (dog) with this pedigree dog food free sample, even if you don’t have dog at your home get this free product and feed to the street dog. So, hurry up and get the free product.

Free Pedigree Dentastix Sample free Pedigree Dogs Food Sample


How to get Free Pedigree Dentastix  Dogs Food Sample:

  • Goto Offer Page
  • Enter your address details & Mobile number.
  • click on submit.
  • Now, wait for free sample.
  • Free Dogs Food Sample will take 4 days to 1 month to reach your address

Dentastix® Advantage :

  • Scientifically proven to reduce tartar build-up by upto 80%
  • Way more fun for your pet than brushing
  • Special X-shaped profile dislodges food particles and plaque
  • Abrasive texture simulates saliva flow to wash away removed debris

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