How to Link Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number to Continue Services


According to Government New rule, It’s Compulsory to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile Number in Idea,Vodafone,Airtel,Bsnl,Docomo,Reliance to keep active or continue Sim Services for Lifetime. Due to Fake Sim cards , Government of India Taken New action where Users of all networks have to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. to Continue Activation of their Sim Card.

As per The Department of Telecommunications ruling, telcos have to re-verify all existing subscribers, including prepaid and postpaid users, by February 6, 2018. For this Airtel and Idea Cellular have reportedly become the first operators to begin the process of verification through Aadhaar.

Here we Share a very Easy Steps to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. , Using this Your Mobile number will not Discontinue in Future It’s Not matter You are Using this Sim or Not. Currently No any date is Confirmed but Very Soon Sim Services will be Discontinue who Will Not Link Their aadhar Card to Mobile Number.

Only Reliance jio Sim Users Will not Have to Follow This Process Because they already Done Biometric Verification at the time of Sim Purchase. Airtel , Idea , Vodafone & other networks already Sent Messages to their Users to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. to Keep Continue Their Services.

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar Card or Aadhaar Number
  • Working Mobile Number (Aadhaar Card Registered)
  • OTP PIN Sent to Mobile Number
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scan

Steps To Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. To Enjoy Continue Sim Services

  • Firstly Visit Your Mobile Network Operator Nearest Retailer.
  • Now give your Mobile Number & Copy of aadhar Card.
  • Now they will Send Otp to your Number , Just Give it.
  • Then complete Finger Print Verification on Biometric Machine.
  • Within 24 Hours , you will get Confirmation Sms for final Verification.
  • Just Reply with “Y”.
  • Done ! Your Aadhar Card is Successfully Linked to your Mobile Number.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Que: Why is it necessary to link Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number?

Ans: Well, this is again a precautionary and healthy step toward Digital India. You might knowing that lots of people take Mobile SIMs for Illegal Activities like Fraud Calls or anything that is unfair. So to stop this mass SIM Cards usage for illegal activities, every Mobile Number has to re-verified using Aadhaar Card. Those who fail or do not link their Aadhaar Card to their mobile numbers then they may/will lose their SIM and will discontinued the Services.

Que: What is the Last date to Link Aadhar with Mobile SIM card?

Ans: The Last date to Link your Aadhaar with Mobile Number is 6th Feb 2018. It’s almost a full year.

Que: Is it mandatory to Link Aadhar with SIM card?

Ans: Yes, according to Government, it’s Compulsory for all the SIM card owners to Link their Aadhaar with Sim Cards to continue enjoying services.

Que: Is it necessary to use Aadhar card of the same person to whom SIM is issued?

Ans: May be/May be not. This is not yet confirmed, we will be confirming and updating here very soon. If you know then do let us know in the comments below!

Que: Can I Link it online without visiting any retailer?

Ans: Since it goes through biometric verification, you can’t do it online from any website. You have to visit the retailer and do it manually yourself. So don’t fall into the trap of fake websites which ask for such verification. People ask for aadhar card mobile number registration online link but there’s no Online way to link. So Play Safe!!

Que: Can I link my Aadhar to multiple SIM cards?

Ans: Most Probably Yes, you can link to multiple SIM cards. However, there might be any limit of maximum connections per user or Aadhaar Card.

Limit: As of now, you can link maximum 7 mobile number of each operator. (Not confirmed)

Que: What should I do if I do not have Aadhaar card?

Ans: You should get the Aadhaar card first and then go ahead with Aadhar Mobile Linking for re-verification.

Que: Are there any fees for Linking Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number?

Ans: No, there is no fee, it’s totally Free. If someone asks for money or charges you then simply complain to Customer Care about it.

Que: I am an outstation customer. Where do I get my Aadhaar linked to my mobile number?

Ans: Currently, the Govt. Of India has not issued any instructions for outstation customers. We will update you when the regulation is issued.

Que: I am currently in roaming. How do I get my Aadhaar linked?

Ans: Customers in roaming need to get the Aadhaar verified in their respective home circle.

Que: My Aadhaar Card is registered in Different State & Currently I’m living in Different State so can I link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number?

Ans: Goto the nearest retailer or store and ask for the re-verification. They just need to verify your Mobile Number with your Aadhaar Card that you are the real person or owner of the SIM card. So they may do it.

Note: Recently few people reported that some stores are asking for Local Aadhar card i.e., Aadhaar Card of their Current Residence Area. If you face the same issue then you can contact Customer Care and resolve your issue.

Que: I am currently living Abroad & I have my SIM in India, How can I link Aadhaar with it?

Ans: This is the Awkward situation, what you can do is just ask any of your friends or neighbours in India to take your SIM & Aadhaar at Respective Stores to Link Aadhaar Card & do the Verification for you.

Que: Do I also need to Link my Aadhaar Card to Jio Mobile Number or SIM? Jio Number is required to re-verified through e-KYC?

Ans: Well, this is very important and necessary question whose simple answer is here. When Jio launched, from the date till today, they are giving new connections or SIMs through Aadhaar Card itself. But there are two cases, One is without e-KYC Process and one is with e-KYC. If you got your Jio SIM or number with e-KYC (basically through fingerprint scan) then you don’t need to concern about re-verification or jio aadhar registration. While those who got new Jio SIM without any e-KYC then you need to re-verify your Jio Number or SIM through Aadhaar and e-KYC Process which is already guided above. Read the jio aadhar registration process above.

Que: How do I know if my Aadhaar Card is already linked to Mobile Number or Not? 

Well, if you have doubt whether you already linked your Aadhar to Mobile Number or not then just check your SMS inbox, if you linked your Aadhar card then there will confirmation SMS sent to your linked mobile number. The alternative is, you can visit the Nearest SIM Operator retailer or Shop & ask them to check the status.

Aadhaar Link with Mobile Number Center in Jaipur.

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