The TrueCaller App is among the most useful apps for mobile phones. This app is used by us to block ID information and numbers to block the underlying mobile numbers. But blocking caller IDs and numbers, along with other features, which many people do not have the knowledge about which the use of this app is limited. So we have brought some of the features of the tractor to you so that you can manage your calls very well.

Hidden Features of TrueCaller App

Hidden Features of TrueCaller App

  • Block all calls that start with a number, for example if you say that any number that starts with +911234 does not bother you, then you can block all the numbers starting with +911234 .
  • TrueCaller can work without internet as soon as the number id is uploaded, it is giving you information without any internet ID.
  • Once the phone number is copied inside the phone the detector quickly finds it and you can call and search quickly.
  •  After installing the installer, the TrueCaller automatically starts protecting the region’s top spam and you can see it in the block list.
  • You can also block calls with all the Hidden Numbers or those who do not want to display their ID.
  • You can change public and request only according to your convenience by your Travolor Privacy Friend of Friend.
  • Also True Dialer of the TrueCaller available that you can replace from your Android dialer, the scroller is integrated into the dialer.

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