Happy Birthday Song with Name:  Hey Guys, We all want to make our loved ones special on various occasions and specially on Birthdays. Over a period of time birthday has become something that we wait for the whole to celebrate. And what could be better than making someone special for Free

But not all the time we have plan for our loved ones but still we want to make them feel special. So, Here Im to help you to overcome this dilemma where you can make your loved person smile either Girl or Boy. Today I will tell you about How you can send Happy Birthday Song with Name to wish that special person.

I bet that if you send a Birthday songs with name of the person, he/she will surely love that and this will definitely surprise them. If you are going to simply say happy birthday to your friend then just wait a minute and spare some time to read this amazing article.

So let’s get started and see what all you can easily to for your loved one today!

Happy Birthday Song with Name

Here I will be telling you how you can easily send Birthday Song with name of the person in Hindi and even in English. This is really very easy as I will tell you the whole process.

Actually their is a website which provides all the songs sung by professional singers in which you can add your friend’s or family member’s name. Their is a huge collection of songs and you can choose which ever sounds good to you. Also, you can add the name yourself or search from the list of names given in the huge list.

Once you selected the song and name you can download happy birthday songs in mp3 format. Then you can easily send these wonderful wishes to your friend. I believe you would be really excited now and would love to know everything about this.

First of all lets see how you can make a happy Birthday song with Name and then I will tell you what other surprises you can plan through 1happybirthday site. The best part is this one happy birthday site is absolutely Free to download songs.

How To Make a Happy Birthday Song with Name

  1.  Firstly Visit 1HappyBirthday.com
  2. Now Search for the Name you want to add in the Song
  3. Click on the Name
  4. Now Listen or Download the Song
    1. That’s it! You now have Happy Birthday with Name downloaded.

    I hope you must have understood how to download Free Happy bday song with name using 1 happy birthday.

The Song wording are :

Happy Birthday {Name}
Happy Happy Birthday
So, Happy Birthday {Name}
Happy Birthday…


What I like about 1HappyBirthday:

This is a really amazing site as it gives you all the songs for Free unlike other sites. So lets have a look what all this site has to offer us.

  • Unlimited Name: As per my experience this site has lakhs of Name on its list, thus it wont be difficult for you to.
  • Listen Audio: You can listen to the Audio first and to hear how it is
  • Download Audio: If you like the Audio you can Download it in your Computer or Mobile for Free.
  • Direct Email: You can directly Send the song from the site itself through WhatsApp, Email, SMS etc.
  • YouTube Video: You will also get Video with the same name. This is really amazing that they have YouTube videos for all the songs name in their collection.
  • Request a Name: If the name you want is not available on the list, then you can request them to add that name. Although the changes of not finding the name is very low but still you can request them here. You will almost every Indian Name in the list that you can use in your birthday song.

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