On 21st January 2017 in Karnataka, India : The Baby Boy born with 4 Legs and 2 Penis. Baby mother declared baby as “Gift from God”. Baby born with extra limbs, a rare condition known as polumelia.


‘Gift from God’ Baby Boy Born with 4 Legs and 2 Penises

Baby mother and father belong to poor family. So they could not afford medical treatment.  Initially didn’t want their second child to have the operation as they wanted to raise him as he was.But the pair changed their mind and the baby had surgery 94 miles away in Bellari.GIFT OF GOD POOR FAMILY

The baby’s mother agreed to treatment after talking to medical staff and family members. After successful surgery, the boy now has two legs.

Dr Divakar Gaddi, who was looking after the baby at VIMS, said last month: ‘A team of surgeons is looking into the baby’s condition. It is a very challenging case for us. Speaking last month, mother Lalitamma said: ‘The doctors and members of my family advised me to take the baby to VIMS for advanced treatment. Now, I am hoping he becomes normal.


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