Many people have been searching on Google about Facebook Trick How to make Facebook Single Name account? or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook? Basically, if you want to use the single name on Facebook you can easily do it by changing the language to Tamil. I don’t know why Facebook didn’t ask for the last name of the Tamil language. So let the reason be anything we can easily follow up this tutorial to put the single name on Facebook.

Officially its not possible but by using this trick you can easily remove your last name so let’s proceed and check out this latest working trick of 2017.

Facebook Single Name Trick

For making FB user toconnect people socially safe, it always asks first & last name yours. No one is allowed to hide/remove their last name, but here I’m going to reveal the trick by which you can remove your last name from existing Facebook account. Facebook allow some countries like Indonesia to have only first name because most of the people on Indonesia don’t have last name. By making some internet settings, we can also single name on Facebook.

Facebook Trick To Remove Hide Last Name on Facebook

  1. Firstly Visit Facebook Mobile Version (Click Here)
  2. Login your facebook account
  3. Then Visit Language Page (Click Here)
  4. Now select Tamil language.
  5. Then Visit Facebook Settings Page (Click Here)
  6. Finally Remove last name and enter your Password then click on Save.
  7. Done !! You have successfully removed your last name.

Note : This trick Only work if you not changed your Facebook name in last 60 days.

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