Most Android smartphones do not come in the root of the virus. There are some advertisements that show you the wrong information that Virus is in your mobile and download our app to fix it. Apart from this, there are other kinds of disturbances in mobile too many times that they do not work properly. But this does not mean that the Android Smartphone is completely safe. Viruses can also come in them. If any viruses have arrived in your Android Smartphone then learn how it can be recognized.

Avoid Unknown Source App to Install Virus :

Whatever the Virus, it infiltrates in Android with the help of apps. Check your Apps first if you have a Virus in your smartphone or Tab. No apps outside of Google Play Store should be downloaded. Recently some of the dangerous apps have also been reported in Google Play Store. So note that from anywhere you have to download the app, first take full information about it. If the phone is hanging or behaving strangely when opening an app, it is likely that it is Virus. Try to remove it, if there is a problem, then understand that this is malware.

Go to your Smartphone’s setting and go to the Security Option and keep the Unknown source inactive. Disable if not disabled then disable it. You can also install the Antivirus App.

Remove Virus by Factory Reset :

If any such Virus App has arrived and not being uninstalled then factory reset, it will deleted. Along with this, other data and apps will also cleaned. The mobile will as it was when it was purchased.

Remove VIRUS from Android Smartphones in SAFE Mode without Data Loss

To delete the bin Virus lost data, insert your mobile or tablet on the safe mode. Third party apps and viruses are not able to run in this mode. For how to put a phone in safe mode, search the In Safe Mode Search and follow the instructions How to put (Enter the name of your phone model here). After going to Safe mode you will find the Safe mode on the left bottom of the screen. Now go to the app to go to Settings and open the Downloads tab. Check here which app you have not installe.

Generally, most viruses are removed from here. But sometimes the Uninstall button of such apps appears gray. This happens when the virus has given itself an admin status. There is also a way to deal with this situation. To delete an app’s uninstall button that is not visible in Safe mode, exit the app and go to Settings then Security then Device Administrator. Here you will find a list of apps that have got Administrator status. Tap the apps you want to delete and tap this status. After that you go back to the Application menu and tap on Uninstall to delete that suspicious apps. Now to restart the phone again to exit Safe mode.

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