In India Rs 10 Fake Coin are Spreading Rapidly. We all may have face the Fake Rs.10 Coin in our Daily life. Know how to identify Rs 10 Duplicate coin. Know some common Tips and Difference between Fake and Real Rs 10 coin, So you easily Recognise Duplicate and Original Rs 10 coins.

rs 10 coin

NOTE – According To Our Research Both Coins Are Real, Both are Valid Coins.Its’s a RumourS in Public That Coins is Duplicate. But Both Coins are Real

Important – RBI Says, “Both Coins Are Legal Tender, Both are Real”

Public Making Difference Between Rs 10 Fake Coin and Real Coin :

  1. Real Coins consist of 10 strips whereas Fake coin with 15 Strips.
  2. Original Coin Consist of Rupee (₹) Symbol and Fake coin doesn’t have any Rupee Symbol.
  3. Also in Real-Coin ’10’ is written on both Gold and Siver portion in small size and in Fake coin it is Silver portion with Large font.
  4. So you can identify Real and Fake


इस तरह जाने कि सिक्का असली है या नकली :

  1. नकली सिक्के ऊपर 15 पट्टियां बनी हुई हैं जबकि असली सिक्के के ऊपर 10 पट्टियां बनी हुई है।
  2. असली सिक्के के ऊपर “रूपए” का चिन्ह बना है पर नकली सिक्के के ऊपर सिर्फ 10 ही लिखा हुआ है।
  3. असली सिक्के के दूसरी और “भारत तथा इंडिया” अलग-अलग लिखा हुआ है जबकि नकली सिक्के पर एक और ही यह शब्द लिखे हुए हैं।

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    • Bro We are not sharing Coins are Fake. We also mention on Video, We are only writing what peoples are thinking and No one is accepting coin in market.

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