Today we will learn how to change the video background, and how to apply picture and motion background to the background of the video. It is not so difficult to change the video background remove. If you take the community from the steps mentioned below, you can learn to change video background in just 5 – 10 minutes.

You must know that most of Hollywood’s animation movies are shot with a green screen. Now you should be wondering why the green collars are screened. That’s because green color removal is very easy, so we can easily change the background of the video by putting green screen in the background.

Change Video Background Using Green Screen :

In today’s tutorial I will tell you that you will also need a green screen. You go something and then put the green on the wall with the help of the clip. The curtain kept should be clean and there should not be any wrinkle, and you have to take special care of lighting. For this reason, you can shoot the video by wearing a green curtain on the outdoor lights here. You can see the green curtain in the picture below.

Basic Requirment To Remove Video Background

  • Computer Or Laptop
  • Wondershare Filmora Software
  • Digital Camera Or Any Mobile Camera
  • Green Background Setup

Watch Video To Change Video Background :

Steps To Change Video Background in Wondershare Filmora Software

  1. First of all download Wondershare Filmora Pc Software in your computer
  2. Open the Wondershare Filmora Software And Click Full Feature Mode.
  3. Click Import Media Files Here, select the video whose background you want to remove.
  4. Drag Video in Picture Timeline
  5. Then right click on that video and select the green screen option.
  6. Then double click on Effect and click on Make parts of the clip transparent and then the video that you will shoot will appear in the right side, to click on the color of the green color that you had installed.
  7. After clicking, the green color in the background will become a bit black. Now you have to increase the intensity level to a little increase and black background in the background is completely black.
  8. After the green color is completely black click ok in the bottom.
  9. Now you go to that video and then select the image that you want to apply in the background. Click on import for it and click on import media files.
  10. Then select the image video that you want in the background and open it.
  11. Now go to that image and then click on the video to drag it and put it down. Here the icon of the camera is created in front of it, go to this video and then drop the image.You can have a picture in society.
  12. Now play video in the right side and your video background will change.
  13. To save the video, click Export and click Create Video.

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