What is Champcoin : You must have surely heard alot about TheChampcoin from your friends or family. But most of the people do not know what is Champcoin exactly, How to use Champcoin, How to Buy and Sell TheChampcoin and most importantly Champcoin Live Rate.

So If you are also struggling with all these questions, then do not worry as I will clear all your doubts regarding Champcoins. I will try to make this article a full guide about Champcoin, so that you get to know everything about it.

Before heading towards TheChampcoin(TCC), I will like to throw some light over Bitcoins. I hope you already know what it is and if not then do not worry, as I will tell you about that aswell.

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Digital currency which can you can send, receive or buy products with it. Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency and was founded by Staoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitocoin was just Rs. 0.20 when it was launched and currently 1 bitcoin is worth Rs.84,o00.

Confused? Don’t be! I will tell you all the thing step by step.

What is Champcoin (TCC) ?

Champcoin is a Digital Currency which you can use to purchase various products and transfer from one account to other. Champcoin is similar to Bitcoin and was launched in January 2017.

The transaction in this currency is person to person, hence their is no governmental body like Banks, RBI or any clearing house. This currency is pre-mined and is not owned by anyone just like no one owns the internet.

A total number of 100 Crore Champcoins will come into the market in next 4 years. These are made electronically by using various crypto techniques, thus this currency is very safe and secure.

Champcoin was launched in January 2017 and was Rs.020 per champcoin but currently each champcoin is worth Rs.22.5. Moreover, Champcoin is a company of Chamcash App.

How Can I Use ChampCoin App ?

If you are willing to use Champcoin app and try your luck. Then you must surely do. Champcoin (TCC) is available only on Android platform so you need to Download the App.

Just follow the below steps to use ChampCoin App:

  • First of all, Download TheChampcoin App(TCC)
  • If you are an existing user of Champcash App, then use your Refer id and Password to signin
  • And if you are a New user then Signup with your details.
  • Just Enter you 6 Digit Pin(Just not it down, as it is very important to signin)
  • Answer any two security Questions.
  • On the next page you will get your TCC Exchange wallet address.
  • Your TCC Wallet Address will be a 34 digits Code like (lkjd98jkcbal61lfvqpvl3qpl09hgs7ng)

#Tip: Make sure to write your TCC Wallet Address and Pin code at a safe place. If you forget your Pin, your Champcoins will be gone forever.

How to get Chamcoins from ChampCoin App ?

If you are an existing user of Champcash then you must be familiar with Champcoins. Moreover, if you have some money in Champcash, then its a good news for you that you can convert your champcash money in to Champcoins.

Champcash allows you to easily transfer your money in the form of Champcoins.

Just follow the below steps to convert Champcash Money to Champcoins:

  1. First of all you need Champcoin(TCC Wallet) Address
  2. Now Open your Champcash Wallet and Click on Redeem
  3. In Redeem section, select Champcoin
  4. Now, Enter your TCC Wallet Address (34 Digit Address)
  5. Just enter the amount that you want to transfer and Click Submit.
  6. You will receive your Champcoin in your Champcoin Biz Wallet within 20 Days after redeeming.

I hope you have now understood how to transfer your money into Champ coins.

Champcoin Live Rate = Rs 22.5

If you are planning to buy Champcoin, then make sure to buy them at the lowest price. As I already told you that the price will go up and down regularly. So Just make sure to buy at the lowest price.

You can know about the Live Rate of the Champcoin from the TCC Exhange app itself.

Currently Champcoin Live Rate = Rs 22.5

Why to Buy Champcoin ?

As you know the price of Bitcoin were merely Rs. 0.20 when it was launched but within 5 years it went around Rs.80000. Similarly, The price of Champcoin might go up and you can earn alot of money from it.

But apart from this their are no benefits of buying Champcoins.

Why Not To Buy Champcoin ?

Though you can earn money with Chamcoins, their are a huge chances that you might loose your money too.

  • Their are alot of Coins(Cryptocurrencies) that came into the market and then vanised
  • It is very difficult for a currency to survive in front of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc.
  • Their is not direct way of buying Champcoins.
  • Champcoin has its own wallet which can be a issue in a long run. Because other currencies are made by developers and then traded amongst users.
  • Their is no “white paper” about Champcoin. Moreover, A White paper is a report giving information.

According to me Champ Coin is a new way towards Digital currency in India but it has a lot of flaws right now. Although you might be thinking that its prices are going up day by day and you should also make some profit by purchasing them.

Let me tell you, if things go wrong the prices of Champcoin will slash down like a rolling stone and your money will be gone. Apart from the Champcoin developers everyone will loose their money. So, Before investing your money just think twice and do not come under anybody influence. Otherwise, people would be rallying on the roads just like in the case of Social Trade

I hope that you must have understood everything about What is Champcoin, Champcoin Live Rate, How to Buy Champcoin, How to Buy/Sell Champ coin biz.

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