Best Google Tricks : Almost everyone uses Google as a Search engine and we almost use it everyday. So I am Providing some Best Google Tricks which makes your Search must easy and useful. Also if you want to Earn Money Online just by Searching on web here are some Sites That Pay You to Search the Web.

Best Google Tricks you need to Try

1. Exclude certain words from a Google search by adding a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want to exclude.

2. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase.

3. Search within a website by typing “site:” followed by the URL of the site and your search terms.

4. Have Google do math for you by simply searching the equation.

5. Adding “intitle:” infront of your search term will only produce results with that term in the title of the webpage.

6. Do two Google searches at once by adding ‘or’ between the search terms.

7. Find hilarious GIFs easier by clicking “Search Tools” and then changing “Type” to animated.

Hidden Tricks of Google :

8. Type “translate ‘language A’ to ‘language B’” to put a translator out of a job.

9. Use Google News to search 100 years’ worth of digitized newspapers just as you would the internet.

10. Search for sites that link another site on their pages by searching “link” and then the website.

11. Searching the name of a holiday will tell you what date that holiday is on.

12. Convert currency and units

13. Don’t remember the name of a song you heard? Fill in the blanks of any search with asterisks (*) and Google will try to complete your search for you.

14. Looking for a PDF or Powerpoint on a specific topic? You can search by file type by searching “filetype:PPT”.

15. Putting the search term in quotation marks will search for words in that exact order.

16. Putting “..” between two numbers will search within that range.

17. Search for “Songs by” and the name of a band, then Google will display all of their songs.

18. Define a word by typing “define:” followed by the word.

19. Set a timer by typing “set timer for” and then the amount of time.

20. Google has a built in calculator for tipping, just search “tip calculator”.


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