Amazon is Offering Advent BasicsTM VR BOX Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with 4.7 to 6 Inch Screen mobile phones at just Rs.339 only. So Check it Out.

Advent BasicsTM VR BOX Virtual Reality :

Advent BasicsTM VR BOX Virtual Reality

Steps To Get This VR BOX Virtual Reality :

  1.  Firstly Visit Amazon Product Page
  2. Then  Login/Sign up in your account
  3.  Add product in your cart.
  4.  Enter your shipping Detail
  5.  Finally Make payment by suitable payment mode.

Product Pros :

  1. Durable plastic, better than stupid cardboard.
  2. Bigger lens.
  3. Comes with strap(hands free)
  4. Cheap.
  5. Gives you and idea or VR.
  6. Lens are adjustable (left, right, close, far)
  7. Easy to place and take out phone from this. (doesn’t scratch your phone).

Product Cons. :

  1. Lens are hard to clean.
  2. Although adjustable, lens position does not make much diffrence.
  3. For long use you will feel headache and eyes might blur.
  4. For longer use like 2-3 hours per day you might get eyesight problem. (this is true for every single VR in the world)
  5. No magnetic button (this is really good if your phone has no gyroscope, else bad)
  6. To change a video you have to constantly take out and place back your phone into VR box, it just gets annoying after sometime.(although this can be eliminated by connecting either Gamepad or wireless mouse/keyboard to your android.


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